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In a Debt-Faced World, having a Good Credit Score is one of the most important requirements to integrate the economy. Most times, however, for many of us, following up with how well one's Credit Score is often confusing and frustrating due to errors and inconsistencies that affect a credit score. Based on our Credit Repair Company, we created the Credit Cleaner Token (CC) on top of the Eureka Smart Chain as well as the Polygon Network to be a Blockchain-Based Extension of our aim at facilitating Credit Repair and Credit Scoring through Decentralized Solutions and allowing everyone to achieve their Credit Score Potential.


CC will be the fuel of the Credit Cleaner Sidechain that is being built on top of the Eureka Smart Chain. CC holders will be able to Stake their Tokens on the CC Sidechain and govern the Sidechain through a Decentralized Consensus Mechanism while receiving Staking Rewards from the fees generated by the Sidechain's Transactions. The sidechain will serve as a Ledger where individuals can open accounts and stay in touch with their Credit Data as well as receive an updated Credit Score based on the Sidechain's Rating Algorithm. We expect this to eventually turn the CC Sidechain into a reputable Decentralized source of Credit Data by leveraging the unique strengths of Blockchain Technology to create a reliable and trustworthy Credit Data Source.


Aside from Credit Repair and Credit Scoring, the CC Token will serve as a Governance Token for other Decentralized Finance Solutions such as Lending, Borrowing, Earning as well as other Decentralized Applications that are necessary in everyday life.