CC Token

The Credit Cleaner Sidechain is Powered by the Credit Cleaner Token, symbol CC, which is a Stakable Token that serves a variety of Utility Functions. 30% of the Decentralized Platform’s Net Revenue will go into a Buyback and Burn Program in an effort to provide more Stability for the Token. Credit Cleaner Token solves many world problems and will serve many different Utility Purposes. One of those problems is the industry wide problem of Congestion, Slow Transfer Times and High Fees caused by the Blockchain being overburdened with too much traffic as well as causing Mining Fees to Fluctuate. It also solves a really big one, especially when it comes to the Credit Industry where Data is most prone to Cyber-Attacks, Credit Cleaner is working towards protecting this Data using Blockchain Technology that offers the Highest Level of Protection to date. Credit Cleaner aims to become a household name with both on and off Blockchain Solutions. Join the revolution today with Credit Cleaner Token.



Read more about CC in our White Paper